Bangkok – Ping Pong, Massage and Lemon Grass

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Second Stop. Thailand. We directly flew from Colombo to Bangkok. I have never been to Thailand before, but Moe was pretty excited about our second land of choice. I’m a huge fan of Thai food, so I was happy to try some of the real not Germanized recipes on the great beaches of Thailand as well. But first there was Bangkok.


We had only two days in that crazy city and we stayed at the Lebua State Tower, which was by far the fanciest place that we had on our list so far. That hotel was a recommendation of a good friend of mine. It’s the hotel where the movie “Hangover 2” was shot and the sky bar is indeed impressive. What I definitely don’t like about those kind of places is that there are stupid rules for everything. It seems to me that rich people love stupid a lot and by following those rules they make regular people crazy and can have their high society talks in private. To enter here you have to wear that. You need to put shoes on in the gym. You can’t jump in the pool. You can’t take pictures on the stairs because of safty reasons. (What idiot fell down the stairs being too caught up in his pictures?) And the list goes on and on and besides of that, there is a person pampering your path everywhere and for everything. I don’t need two people on a straight 5meter hallway, gesturally providing me the direction to find the other side of that very same floor. That too much I’d really like to visit such a fancy place where there are more “you can” rules than you “can’t rules”. That would be an awesome place. Everywhere would be hanging signs saying things like: “Sure, you can bring your barefoot monkey on these steps and shoot as many pictures as you want, jumping naked in the pool directly from here or from the rooftop.” And the hotel staff would be obliged to applaud to anybody who creatively executes his or her ideas to behave properly to the signs.


Nevertheless… One drink at the sky bar on the 64th floor comes with a price of about 20$, so I had to spit in my glass a couple of times to make pretend that there is still something in it. We were asked if we’d like to have dinner up there, but I didn’t even check the card and turned that most likely hardly overpriced offer down right at the moment. Moreover, if you are like me and stupid enough to really drink your drink or put your glass away for a second, there are at least 5 to 20 overwhelmingly nice hotel staff people on the hunt of empty glasses who will immediately penetrate you to choose another beverage. That really pissed me off after the 7th person asked me about my drink of choice just 3 seconds after I put away my glass. Anyway, the view over Bangkok is amazing, and people are fancy and interesting, of course. They even have a dress code up there that says: No flip flops and no shorts! The smart businesspeople of Bangkok definitely know that rule. There is a ”long pants and shoes renting wagon” standing right in front of the hotel in the evening hours, to provide uninformed tourists with the proper cloth to have a visit up there.



The rest of the time we spent having our backs Thai massaged and eating incredibly delicious food at places like the Golden Mango. It’s a tiny nice little restaurant very close to the hotel and the food they serve is indescribable tasty. We were chewing on things that looked like that they might have their origin in some forest or jungle, but the taste of the dishes we had was seriously hard to beat. Everything was served with a lot of love to the details, in proper portions, cooked on point and with a little touch of lemon grass flavor. On top of that the personnel were super nice and tried to teach us some Thai words, which by the way, is way harder than Sinhala. So, definitely five out of five cooking stars for the Golden Mango.


We found even more food options, when we went skytrain-riding to Siam Centre, a big mall in the centre of Bangkok. Except for a couple of interesting beverages like bubble tea and a whole floor just for shops that sell mobile phone cases, a mall remains a mall no matter where you are. There is a lot of stuff to buy and there are a lot of people buying stuff. The fascinating part of that trip was the food court, again. Did I mention that I love Thai food? The food court is an international festival of treasures for butt and belly. You can find everything for every price and sometimes even flavored with lemon grass. Finally, we found a small corner restaurant that sold traditional Thai food. We went for a Thai Omlette (don’t know exactly what the difference is between a regular- and a Thai Omlette but I always order the Thai version if possible. I really don’t know if there is any difference at all, but I like to believe that I’m eating something special) and a Tom Kah Gai soup. No warnings regarding the spiciness, no signs, not even the menu gave a hint that this soup will almost cause me to pass out in public, nothing. So, after fighting with every sip of the soup I had to surrender after around half the cup and tried to find some ice to extinguish the fire on my tongue. When I walked around, got a little bit of oxygen and rebooted my bio system, the life-threatening danger dying from tongue burn was over and we went back to the hotel a little smarter and a lot more cautious of the spiciness level of Thai food than before.


The last typical Bangkok adventure was to watch one of the world-famous ping pong shows in the red-light district. To my surprise there were a lot of mid aged couples and a bunch of teenage girls enjoying the show when we entered the sneaky location. Of course, the place is a stinky rip off. The people there are absolute assholes and 80% of the “showgirls” who are not shooting around ping pong balls, bananas and little arrows with their “Fallalallallas” are lady boys with King Kong like feet, squeezed into giant size high heels. After we fired back a couple of ping pong balls that were shot at us in top spin style with one of the rackets that are lying around all over the place, they tried to rip us off by charging around 120$ for two beers and “watching the show”. They don’t try it with every guest of course but we made the mistake to choose two barstools far away from the entrance. And this is where the rip off area is. After some heaty negotiations, we came out of there, paying around 15$ per person. This is a price totally worth paying for becoming a witness of the impressive phenomenon of flying bananas directly fired from Venus and a beer. Anyway, if you are not such a laid-back negotiator like my friend Moe, I’d rather skip those shithole locations or at least stay right at the entrance all the time, even if the ugliest lady boy is positioned to blocks the sight from there with his gigantic feet. 😉


Of course, I summed up all the visual highlights in a little Bangkok WorldLOG. So if, you didn’t see that yet, check it out here:


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