Blogpost #1 – F*ck off, if you don’t like it! ;-)

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Hi everybody, thanks for giving me a chance to provide you with some of my thoughts on any kind of topic, that I think is interesting, valuable, fascinating or that is just keeping me up at night.


I know, that I’m not a professional writer and that I have a strong tendency to write extremely long and complex sentences that are oftentimes very hard to read. I’ll do my best to try to put my thoughts into understandable phrases, so that it’s not completely impossible to follow. 😉


The category “world’s wisdom” on this blog, mainly deals with everything that would fit under the headline: “self- or personal development”. I have been obsessed with that topic for about a decade now. I think that crazily learning more and more about all kinds of impressive people, their mindsets, their habits and their point of view on, how to become successful and at the same time remaining happy and fulfilled, made me become the person that I am today, that could make a dream of a world trip true and realizable. I watched, read and tested so much about that topic, that I sometimes even used “learning more” as an excuse for procrastinating on my own creative projects and productions. Today, I have the feeling that, a while ago, I already passed the point where I was ready to share my point of view on some of the most valuable tools, techniques or even just thoughts, that worked for me or from which I think that they have had a significant effect on my personal progress. I’m almost 100% sure, that there will be some insights shared here, that you could use, too and that would have a positive effect on the quality of your life, just as they had on mine.


@all my German friends: You’ll probably ask yourself, why I am writing all this in English. Here is the reason: I studied in the US, worked in Italy, visited many countries and got to know people from all over the world. Plus, I’m currently guest in a lot of different countries where I use English as the main language to communicate. So, if you don’t like reading in English, please read the headline of this post again. 😉 However, of cause I’m hoping that you’ll overcome that first communicational barrier and get the best out of my posts, regardless.


@all my International friends: I’m clearly not a native English speaker, so please excuse me for any type of error, that you’ll stumble upon here. I know for sure, that there will be mistakes in grammar, spelling and syntax (whatever that is). And to even top that of, I will also invent my own words here and there. So that’s my little “sorry in advance” for you.


Now, the very first valuable thought I want to share with you is a lesson that I learned from Seth Godin, who basically says the following:


“The art we create is not supposed to be for the people who don’t like it. It’s an offer we bring into the world, that is made for those people who are willing to accept that offer. People who respect the art itself, people who can see behind the actual product and are able to appreciate the work that lies behind that product and represents the process of creating that art. It takes bravery to put our art out there, because it makes us transparent and vulnerable. People will judge us more and we will have to deal with a lot more rejection and negativity compared to just not presenting our art to the world. That can be very frustrating and hard sometimes. So, whenever a person is criticizing our art, we could just respond with: It’s not for you!”


Or simply put in my words: Fuck the haters. If you feel like doin’ something, do it anyway!


Combined with Steve Jobs words that, real artists ship and a lesson that I learned from Tim Ferris, saying that a main misbelieve when trying to achieve success is, that it’s possible to be liked and loved by anybody at any time and that we should hardly avoid trying please everybody, this helped me overcome my fear of sharing my thoughts and opinions with you, up until now.


So, here I am, writing my first blogpost without having any permission from any authority, approving that my words should be read or trusted in and I’m sharing them anyway.


Thank you very much for reading this.

It means a lot to me.




Dream it! Live it!


by Alex Rink

4 thoughts on “Blogpost #1 – F*ck off, if you don’t like it! ;-)

  1. Hi Alex, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. With your willingness of sharing its a possibility for me to feel your moments and break out of my every day life….keep going

    1. Hey Peet, this is the first comment on my posts ever and it makes very proud to read this. I’ll surely do my best to write and produce more. Huge thanks to you for letting my first comment be a motivating one. Alex

  2. Hi, Alex, wow that’s a long Text, thanks that we can follow your way and see where are you going. You have a lovely time, and I hope that we became a lot of interesting Information from the World. Lilli

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